Google announces new Chrome based OS

Although a lot has been written about the Google versus Microsoft battle now that Google has entered the OS market with yesterday’s announcement, I thought I would write my own post to set the record straight on this issue and about what it is that Google is launching here.

Firstly this is NOT a Windows competitor, this is very clearly a Chrome and Linux based OS or in generic terms a browser centric operating system more in competition with Cloud and so on, than with Windows.  It is not a competitor to Windows Mobile either since Android already competes directly, so one has to put the announcement made by Google in clear and understandable terms.  It is a browser centric operating system currently aimed at the NETBOOK market only, officially to be launched Q3/Q4 2010.  There are of course going to be uses for this type of solution other than Netbooks, but for now that is where Google seems to be focusing their launch efforts.

It truly pains me when the rumour mill and the secondhand news vendors come together with the ignorant and start splurging their own versions of the announcement all over the Web.  It causes a huge amount of press for Google of course, but sets people off in the wrong direction.  Again, as can be clearly read on Google’s own blog, this will be a Netbook OS based on Chrome that will offer all the usual Google Apps and allow 3rd party applications to run as well.  Furthermore it clearly states within this blog announcement that any standards based browser will be able to handle the OS and in light of this, I would say the announcement runs very much along Google’s usual focus of Web based solutions.

In my view Ubuntu, along with the other Linux distros, remains the most viable threat to Windows’s dominance, and the Chrome/Linux based Netbook OS from Google a competitor to Windows CE, Tinux, Cloud and other similar OS’s focused on the Internet driven device or Netbook type device.

Nothing new here then, but as with any product announcement from Google, still extremely exciting!


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