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Do you want 3D Games on your notebook?

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ASUS Notebook (Model G51J 3D)

If you know what the ASUS G51J 3D is, then you’re aware of what must be one of the BIG milestones for personal computing this decade. The ASUS G51J 3D notebook is the first notebook on the market to offer you full 3D screening ability, glasses included. Movies will be nice, but that’s not what this notebook will be great at. No, its going to be HUGE for gaming, with 3D gaming titles now a reality right in your home on this puppy! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!


RIM design, eish, Blackberry Storm, EISH!

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So here is my promised follow up on the Blackberry Storm I have been testing the last two weeks.

I have to wonder just what the RIM testers were thinking when they signed off the UAT’s on this device.  Trying to make conversations work on the phone (yeah, your basic telephone conversation, you know, using your phone ‘old school’!) without putting the other party on hold or muting your microphone is almost impossible!

O, let me say that there is a solution of course, in the Blackberry application store for the Storm… but it will cost you.  Unbelievable!  So we, the RIM consumers are asked to pay for what is a design fault in the Storm!  That is ridiculous any way you look at it!

A simple software fix to lock the phone touch function and transfer the MUTE and HOLD functions to the hardware buttons, would not be a complex process in my opinion, but we will have to wait and see just what RIM plan to do about this.

Another frustrating thing for me is the inability to tell when you are working on Blackberry services for browsing the Internet and when you are using the open Internet connectivity, except of course when you get hit by that lovely bill Vodacom love to send you every month!  Why cant they simply brand the processes clearly so that consumers can make proper decisions on what they want to use to access the Internet.  Simply calling a tool Browser, does not tell me whether I am using the low cost Blackberry service or the much higher cost Vodacom service.

UPDATE 1: So, Storm 2 coming soon, along with the much rumoured Oryx from RIM’s skunkworks 😉  So I may yet see Wifi on a Storm, and hopefully a better designed touch screen!  Not sure what the Oryx will look like at all!