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NoSQL is a fantastic step in the right direction…

Posted in General, Innovation, technology with tags , , , , , , , , , , on July 3, 2009 by newideasconsult

Man, I love the idea of doing away with a traditional RDBMS in favor of something loosely referred to as the NoSQL lobby 😉  And there are some BIG names behind this ‘movement’ like Linkedin, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Google to name a few, though I must admit this was the first I ever heard of it.

Finding new ways to index and search data is old takkie by now, but it remains exciting now that there seems to be a convergence of minds on the issue, because it speaks of market potential.  Commercial drivers are the strongest contributors to DB developments and often when there is a lack of those, we see stagnation in innovation, as we have seen in this space over the past few years.

One of the most exciting DB technology I was introduced to over the last 10 years must be Cache, because it does DB faster than any of the traditional brands!  No wonder mobile networks use Cache so much, as it clearly works well for high volume high speed environments.  By the way, Cache does both relational and object technology designs pretty well.  Now the NoSQL movement is claiming we can do away with databases altogether and approach the idea of data repositories totally differently.

Changing the way we address data has become BIG money these days, more so because of the search engine battles and the resulting web products it spawned in competition and partnership to itself.  Match that to a corporate drive to be more cost effective in terms of data processing, and it’s no wonder we are witnessing changing times in this industry.

Thanks to Slashdot’s reference to the NoSQL community, I am now enlightened and will be watching this space closely c 😉